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RHA Dress Code 
These Guidelines Begin the First Day of School


Appropriate clothing reflects Biblical concepts of moderation and neatness. Rock Harbor Academy endeavors to create an environment that will promote learning and discipline. To help achieve these important goals, school uniforms are mandatory.

Uniforms provide accepted standards of modesty thus eliminating conflicting interpretations of a dress code. Uniforms can create a team spirit and foster a spirit of cooperation and participation. 

All students are required to wear uniforms beginning on the first day of school. Students who are not in uniform will not be admitted to class. Parents will be notified so that they can take the student home to change or bring the student a uniform. Time missed from class will be made up as a homework assignment. The last Friday of each month will be designated a free dress day as well as other special days such as picture days, and spirit days.
A limited supply of clothing will be kept on campus for students who need to change in case of an accident. If a student borrows a garment, please launder and return it to the school within 5 days.

Approved items may be purchased from the following:
• French Toast and Dickie brands may be found at a variety of department stores such as Target, Old Navy, Walmart, etc.
• Any store that sells uniforms that match the Dennis Mills Uniforms standard look.

• Long or short-sleeved polo shirts in navy, light blue, white, and red must match the Dennis Mills standard look
• Long-sleeved shirts in white or navy may be worn under a polo shirt

• Plain, straight-leg (non-skinny) long pants or shorts in navy or khaki must match the Dennis Mills standard look. May be flat front or pleated
• Dark denim pants may be worn as long as there are no holes or rips
• Plain Corduroy long pants in navy or khaki must match the Dennis Mills standard look
• No low rise, cargo pants/shorts, jogger pants, yoga pants, skinny, or oversized garments allowed

• Plain or pleated skirts, skorts and jumpers in navy, khaki or plaid in blue/gold or blue/red (French Toast or Dickies)
• Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers must have a length no shorter than 2” above the kneecap when standing or 3” kneeling
• Shorts must be worn under skirts
• Solid colored socks from any store in shades of black, gray, navy, white, and brown
• Tights, footless tights/leggings may be worn only by girls and must be solid in shades of black, gray, navy, white, and brown

• Backpacks/folders must be kept clean of all graffiti and toys

• Dress or athletic shoes with closed toes and a closed heel
• Heels on dress shoes no higher than 1½”

• Clean and well-groomed
• May not be dyed an unnatural color
• May not be extreme style that is distracting
• No hair feathers or tinsel.

• Wristwatches may be worn (no smartwatches allowed)
• Girls may wear stud style earrings only; boys may not wear earrings

• Tattoos of any kind are not permitted

• Belts are not required unless they are necessary to keep pants from sagging
• Belts may be black, brown, or navy from any store

General Information:
• For any questions about dress code guidelines please call the school office at 661-516-2211. The administration reserves the right of final interpretation regarding dress.
• RHA collects gently used uniforms and distributes them to families in need of uniforms. Please only donate “dress code” approved uniforms. The uniforms can be dropped off in the school